‘To live is to leave traces…’

Walter Benjamin

Traces is a community of curators and makers with a reputation for staging some of London’s most imaginative art and design installations in old and sometimes derelict buildings around the city. With a process rooted in archival research, which aims to breathe new life into a building that endures after the installation has ended, Traces isolates a particularly eventful phase in the building’s history and commissions artists to recreate the objects, stories and people which inhabited it then. The result is a multi-sensory experience in which visitors can trace narratives of the building’s past in sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes created by some of London’s leading designers.

Acclaimed in publications from Wonderland Magazine to the Evening Standard, Traces has worked with Designersblock and Tom Dixon at the London Design Festival, and in properties including a disused pub in Hoxton and a department store in Peckham, on projects that have been visited by thousands of people. You can see examples of our projects and information on past exhibitors by using the tabs above.

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