Traces is a site-specific, immersive and theatrical experience company, which reinvents old and often disused buildings, bringing them back to life with the smells, tastes, touches, sounds and appearance of a time gone by. Traces is about narrative. More specifically, Traces is the practice of using buildings to tell their history through the stories of those who lived and worked in them. We base each show on a particular eventful period in the buildings history and create scenes of ‘moments left in time’ which reveal hidden narratives, combining historical facts with fictitious objects and stories that interweave to produce the exhibition. We work with a plethora of specially selected and commissioned artists and designers who create original artwork for the production, and all of this is available to purchase during the show. The function is not historical recreation nor simple pastiche, but of bringing a former life of a building into the contemporary design arena through an immersive interactive experience. The audience is invited to explore the building, discover these histories for themselves; wandering through the rooms left as if only a moment before, and to unpick their secrets.


Creative Director
Donna Walker

Head of Design
Talulah Mason

Helen Scarlett O'Neill

Harry Ross

Communications Manager
Valentina Fois

Arts Administrator
Anna Beketov


'The most innovative gallery show all year...'
Wonderland Magazine

'If you don't like art in 'soulless' galleries, Traces might be more your thing...'

'After painstaking research in local archives, they have brought it alive with a bevy of artists and designers.'
Evening Standard

'Traces channelled the nearby Portobello Market with a junk-shop environment that, on closer inspection, revealed a chaotic display of multisensory and entertainingly eccentric one-off items: teapots made from recycled tea tins; a hand-carved wood SLR camera; floppy rubber carpentry tools; even a room fragrance that smelled of Notting Hill.'
Wallpaper* Magazine

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