Claire Blackburn – Elizabeth Gee Doll


I am interested in people, the diversity of situations in which they find themselves and the circumstances in which they live. I think of myself as curatorial; visually recording stories and shedding light on the way people live and what they hold important. The pieces I make allow me to articulate my thoughts and feelings in a visual space. The tactile and evocative nature of fabric is key to the communication of the story. People have a very special relationship with fabric, it is ever-present throughout our lives and provides strong multi sensory associations. I try to tap into these associations in order to draw the viewer into the story. I often use text from research, found objects, hand drawings and photographs in my work. This combines with a variety of textile techniques and materials that are appropriate to the provenance of the piece with stitch being central to my work. This piece was designed and made specifically for the Fenton House Traces- London project. It’s concept is based on the Quaker belief that “all men are equal in the eyes of god” with specific reference to the Quaker women’s efforts in the campaign for the abolition of slavery. In particular this piece pays homage to the women of the Gee household; Anna Gee: wife and mother and her daughters Rebecca and Elizabeth whose principles and opinions were vehemently opposed to slavery in a time where women weren’t supposed to have opinions, let alone voice them.

Medium: Textile Doll

Dimensions: 50x30x15cm


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Claire Blackburn – Elizabeth Gee Doll
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