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All my organic soaps are certified Vegan & Cruelty Free by PETA and contain no palm oil whatsoever, for ethical reasons, and are also made without any animal fat. There are no chemical preservatives (paraben) or synthetic perfumes, artificial colorants, phthalates or unnecessary ingredients within my soap.

This organic soap bars are handmade in Essex in United Kingdom using the traditional cold process method with ingredients chosen carefully to help keep your skin healthy, while also keeping the environment free from unnatural unhealthy chemicals, then colours and shapes may vary slightly from batch to batch, but the quality stays exactly the same.

Used together, the skin nourishing certified organic oils, work with our other ingredients such as organic essential oils, to create a wonderful cleansing soap that softens and enhances the natural texture of your skin, and also provides a pure rich fluffy lather.

The bars are approximately 100 gr / 3,4 oz each, and are packaged in 100% recycled, recyclable or compostable brown craft paper.

I don’t use any chemical hardening products, so I recommend that your bar be allowed to dry after each use. A soap dish that allows for the draining of the excess water, would work perfectly for this purpose.

The Organic soap of Coutiver respects your skin and nature.

Mixing ancient and modern knowledge with the use of plants and other natural ingredients is what I do best with Coutiver. All the medicines and products we use everyday are from NATURE, but most of them are biologically modified or mixed with chemicals. Several essential oils are naturally antiseptic. White vinegar for example is well known to eliminate tartar deposit from water. With an extra drop of lavender oil, your product will kills most of the bacteria by itself. The goal is to change your way of thinking.

The idea behind Coutiver, is for the products to be made locally, with genuine ingredients, and as organic as possible. The packaging is even 100 % compostable or recyclable! I want to provide truth within the given information. The most important is to combine all of this with the enjoyment of your senses, because there is nothing more essential than true pleasure.’


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Coutiver – Handmade Organic, Vegan Soap

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