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Diana Bliss- Annie’s Apron


The focus of Diana Bliss’ textile work is hand stitch. In particular the historic use of needlework met odologies. The context is reworked within a contemporary artistic practice. She is inspired to work alongside the Slow Movement, where there has been a renewed interest in producing hand made items exploring skill and social appropriateness, after a long period where womens’ needle skills have been underplayed and possibly out of fashion. The National Trust celebrates our Heritage and many of us fondly imagine gracing the elegant rooms as we make our pilgrimage today, but the truth is that many of us have descended from the Nameless.

‘Annie’s Apron’ is a hommage to all the nameless who worked within the house. The antique linen apron tells the story of one of the young maids of the house. Annie’s story is told in the form of a Quaker sampler. The back of the work is almost more beautiful than the front. It tells a story of effort, error, times of calm and times of frustration.

Medium: Silk on antique linen apron

Dimensions: 191 x 142 cms open


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Diana Bliss- Annie’s Apron
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