Yarek Baranik – Elizabeth Gee

Tasmin Case as Elizabeth Gee. Project created for Traces London 2016. Fenton House in Hampstead, London, UK

Yarek Baranik is a photographer and videographer who has been exhibiting internationally since 1998. His client list includes Vogue UK, Gentleman's Journal, Revolution and Tygodnik Powszechny to name a few. He has been based in London for seven years and works from a photography studio in Mayfair.
He has also been a Picture Editor for Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper Poland.

For Traces 2016, Baranik responded to the character of Elizabeth Gee, the youngest in the household. Based on the narrative created by Frank Cartledge in which Elizabeth is claimed to have suffered from a long lasting illness. She was described as having religious epiphanies – bordering on hallucinations in what would be referred to as a ‘God complex’. Cared for by her sister Rebecca, and often locked in her room to sew, write, read and recover, Baranik created a site specific installation which can only be seen via the keyhole of Elizabeths room in the attic.

To accompany this installation, Baranik has created a limited edition print, (of 3), of Elizabeth in the window of her room, which is available to purchase.

Dimensions: 500mm x 336mm
Medium: Giclée print on museum grade Baryta paper (unframed – if you would like the item framed at an additional cost, please contact us using the contact button below)
One-off edition of 3 copies, signed & certified.


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Yarek Baranik – Elizabeth Gee
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