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Maps have always served more than the purpose of wayfinding, boundary recording and detailing history. These scientific documents also possess an enduring and broad appeal as decorative objects. As an artist, ceramicist and cartographer, I have been making works in clay inspired by my fascination with maps for over 25 years. This series of porcelain globes are based on 18th century Pocket Globes; the miniature models that illustrated the explorations, discoveries and world view at that time. The porcelain globes I make at my studio in London are mapped using contemporary satellite survey data, the exaggerated heights reveal the beauty of the natural topography of our planet. It is only since the Apollo missions that humankind have seen the Earth in all its fragile beauty from the distance of the moon. These modern explorations give a far greater perception of how unique our home planet is, and how tiny. The cases are turned from English hardwoods, by two wood turners. I then assemble and line them with hand painted celestial charts. Whilst they are edition pieces, no two are exactly alike. The Modern Molyneux is a new piece based on the first English Globe made by Emery Molyneux in 1592, which is preserved in its original state, and is in the collection of The National Trust at Petworth House. In contrast to the explorers ships depicted on the original, the stand for my Modern Molyneux globe depicts the Equatorial Geostationary Satellites that are used for communications, for example, to broadcast live television and for satellite navigation.

Title: Modern Molyneux: Geo-Stationary Satellites

Medium: Porcelain, oak/acrylic

Dimensions: 25 x 20.5 cm

Open edition, signed certificate with each piece

This item takes 6-8 weeks from order.


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Loraine Rutt – Modern Molyneux
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