Marian Murphy – Behind the Scenes


As a collector Marian’s practice is informed by the notion of collecting using both her own and museological collections as a source of ideas. Pieces are individually made but displayed as groups or in multiples often using found objects to form a framework. As part of her material repertoire she has been using plaster combined with fabric and stitch. Marian has been working in the field of embroidery for many years and recently gained a Masters in Contemporary Textiles. She has participated in many exhibitions most recently at Hoxton Arches, Hertford Museum, Mill Green Museum, the Crypt at St.Pancras, Hertford Theatre and the Art Pavilion, Mile End.

The installation reflects the social status of women and the tight circle within which they lived using the embroidery hoop as both a metaphor and recognition of the embroidery produced at the time. The figures behind the ‘shadow’ of the hoop and its contents demonstrate the background existence of the majority of women and their confinement to the home. Imagery pertinent to the Gee family and Fenton House has been used in a manner reminiscent of the needlework samplers produced at the time.

Medium: Stitched, plastered and digitally printed textiles
Dimensions:24cm x W: 22cm x D: 16cm (each)


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Marian Murphy – Behind the Scenes
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