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Mrs Pretty’s world of thoughtful folk are created in my little attic studio here in the Derbyshire Dales. I love to be creative, and have been stitching and crafting for as long as I remember. Inspired by my Mum, Ann, a stitcher and lace maker, my Nana, Margaret, an artist and my Great Nana, Doris, an excellent home sewer, who made clothes, homewares and toys for all the family. I feel proud to carry on this tradition in my family. I am a real magpie and love collecting, whether its an interesting stone, a tiny acorn cup, a scrap of fabric, or an old button. I cherish the opportunity of turning something previously= unwanted or discarded into something precious. I have always liked dolls in particular wooden and folk dolls, they have a charm about them. My Mum collected a mixture of small antique, national dress and folk dolls all sitting in a lovely old cabinet at my Nana and Grandads house. As a child this was a magical cabinet and I loved getting the dolls out, they seemed so precious to me. I am very inspired by folklore and fairytales and have a big collection of old story books. I love the traditional stories, sayings and beliefs that have been passed down through the years and like to incorporate a bit of that magic into my creations. I love nature and find it very inspiring, I have always liked being outdoors and like nothing better than taking myself off for a walk with the dog, often returning with a basket of finds and a head full of ideas.

These dolls are all one of a kind. Mrs Pretty made each of them to represent each of the women in the Gee family, based on research and the narrative Traces gave her. She was really inspired by the wooden dolls of this time, and created them to look like the dolls the girls may have played with in their childhood – well worn with play and love.

Medium: Textiles and Paper

Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 20cm


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Mrs Prettys – Anna Doll
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