Paolo Fiorentini – Elephant


Created especially for the exhibition, the Elephant is a tridimensional toy animal embroidered with small scenes inspired by 18th century porcelain decoration. The elephant is to represent Joshua Gees trade with the Americas and West Indies. In the early 18th Century, travel to Africa and India had become more common; zoology was increasingly developing a consistent science, and from the 1790s there was a London menagerie in which members of the public could see elephants. In contrast with the fiery power of the elephant and the strongest member of the Gee family (Joshua), the gentle touch of the embroidery refers mostly to Rebecca Osgood’s sewing and needlework. Both practices require great concentration as well as consistency which links to a woman of clear determination and intelligence able to cope with the loss of several family members and the gradual collapse of her father’s values.

Medium: Embroidery on canvas, horse hair stuffing

Dimensions: 35x30x25cm


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Paolo Fiorentini – Elephant
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