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Small Toad – This Little Piggy Necklace


Fenton House’s rich history has allowed my new love of metalworking to run alongside the faithful medium of needlework. Here I have played with themes based on the merchant Joshua Gee’s import of iron ore, often called pig iron ore as during the smelting process the ingots of metal appear like suckling piglets from the central channel. My work explores the childhood notion of pigs – the counting rhyme This Little Piggy and the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ for me link the stories of Gee’s first wife Sarah, who had a heart attack and died at market one day and his second wife Anna, with whom he moved to this beautiful brick house in Hampstead. So I have childishly imagined Sarah as the piggy from the rhyme, who in this tale meets a sad end and Anna as the piggy from the story who cleverly built the brick house to protect herself from the wolf. The silver pigs (thread reels in the sewing kits) and bronze pigs (the charm neckpieces), both modelled from a game ‘Pass the Pigs’ I played as a child, represent the mysteries and challenges that life can throw at us and the fleeting relationships within our little worlds. Once again with the instructions from this game it plays on the struggles we encounter and how unlikely it is to have two pigs landing on their feet at the same time. The pig is a symbol of good luck and abundance, which, at least financially, the Gee family definitely landed on their feet.

Medium: brass neckpiece on silver chain


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Small Toad – This Little Piggy Necklace
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