Zoe Hillyard – Large Round Vessel


Ceramic Patchwork is Zoë’s creative and distinctive solution to the challenge of mending broken ceramics, which sees her apply the tradition of hand-stitched patchwork in a completely new way. Since reconstructing her first bowl back in 2010, she has been refining and exhibiting her award-winning work to the amazement and delight of audiences ever since. Reassembled using only fabric, tension and stitch, her pieces are seductively tactile, playing with colour, pattern and structure. Exterior surfaces (now completely covered in silk) take on a subtle ‘textile glaze’, whilst interior spaces have a padded quality with the stitching of re-construction exposed. Each piece is unique, with a flawed beauty that celebrates imperfection. “The tactile nature of my pieces is unexpected, having a ‘warm’ textile rather than a ‘cold’ ceramic feel to them – and often possessing a surprising natural flex. Pieces have a similar seductive aesthetic to archaeological artifacts that have been painstakingly restored”. Zoë undertakes private commissions reworking treasured personal ceramic or textile possessions. She also works with organizations wishing to create bespoke ranges rooted in specific archives. She has created work for the British Museum and The National Trust and is represented in public and private collections. She exhibits regularly is a member of the Contemporary Applied Arts in London. Zoë’s time is split between being a creative practitioner and an academic – a mix she finds creatively stimulating and rewarding. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Fashion and Textiles at Birmingham City University.

The work exhibited at Fenton House was inspired by an interest in the trade that initially brought Chinese porcelain to Europe and which resulted in domestic blue and white, oriental inspired ceramic production. The pieces are made using digitally printed silk, with textile designs developed from photography taken in the old Spode factory building in Stoke on Trent. This space, which was once a thriving centre of industrial production, now stands empty. Zoë captured the evidence of past manufacturing life through the materiality of the building; marks left behind on walls, floors and equipment to create unique fabrics with which to work.

Medium: digitally printed silk, ceramic and thread

Dimensions: 31cm height x 29cm diameter


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Zoe Hillyard – Large Round Vessel
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